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Chris Fields

Chris Fields Former OSU Football Player

As a former student-athlete and graduate from The Ohio State University, Chris Fields knows first-hand the importance of preparing an athlete to physically perform at the highest level and providing the athlete with the essential skill traits and resources necessary to succeed after sports.

This preparation was vital for Chris early in his college career. He learned from those around him that he had to develop the skill set necessary to build relationships and turn those relationships into opportunities to be successful in life. It was those relationships that would help him once he retired from playing football.

After his retirement, his first venture was launching his own training brand, which allowed him to focus on his passion for working with student-athletes both physically and personally to prepare them for the journey ahead in their careers. While this was lucrative, he knew he wasn’t doing enough and could have a greater impact working with a team that shared his passion. 

That is why he launched NIL PRO, with one goal in mind: to provide student-athletes with a team that will act in their best interest while providing resources and support that develop the skills necessary to maximize earning potential and value both during and after their careers.

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