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For student-athletes, the subject of NIL (or Name. Image. Likeness.) has been a hotly contested issue for years, and only recently, student-athletes have been allowed opportunities to benefit from their name, image, and likeness for college sports. However, with these opportunities come new challenges that these student-athletes don’t have the experience to tackle on their own.

That is where NIL PRO can help. We are a collective of former Ohio State student-athletes who recognize the challenges facing our student-athletes today. We know firsthand that the world of NIL is full of potential and opportunity. Still, when it comes to taking full advantage of these opportunities, there is very little guidance out there that puts the long-term welfare of student-athletes first and foremost. 

With over 40 years of combined experience, our team based out of Columbus, Ohio, has what student-athletes across the country need and can call upon for building relationships with local, regional, and national businesses and cultivating the personal relationships they need to maximize potential earnings.

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Transparency is the foundation on which we base our relationships with all of our student-athletes. Being transparent means that we act as a team; you know what we know, and it’s how we can act in your best interest.

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We firmly believe in protecting the integrity of the trust our student-athletes place in us. We choose to do what is right, and NIL PRO will always act in the best interests of the student-athletes we represent regardless of convenience.

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At NIL PRO, we are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself both on and off the field. Regardless if you play 1 season or 20, our commitment to you doesn’t stop and continues even after your retirement to ease your transition.

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